Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picture time!

We have an internet connection this week, so to celebrate, we will post pictures (and one video at the end of the post).

The first set of pictures are from a few days at Isla Coronados:

Taking a hike up to the top of the volcano

Derrick has a new hobby
View from the very top
John and Nicki from Seychelles
A friendly game of Liar's dice
And more from our days in the central Sea of Cortez:

Millions of fish enjoying the shade of our boat
Pam and Rick of Hotel California taught us to play Baja Rummy
The chores need to get done as well (laundry washed in a bucket)

Lobster dinner purchased from a panga fisherman in San Evaristo
Trisha trying to reason with a Booby who landed while we were underway
Cruising is not always fun and games
If you have a good internet connection, this is a (30 second) video of our passage from La Ramada to Bahia Conception.  We went through a huge pod of dolphins :