Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three months since we left La Paz (picture time)

We left La Paz in early April and have been slowly heading North.  We are currenlty anchored at Isla San Marcos, near the town of Santa Rosalia, and have a good internet connection (we pick up internet by being in proximity to a cellphone tower).  Here is a picture summary of our last few months:

Interabang at anchor in Agua Verde - we are the boat in the center.
Derrick hiding behind a cactus on Isla Danzante.
A view of our boat at anchor (tiny white speck 3rd cove from the left)
 at Isla Danzante.
The crowd at Loreto Fest in early May 2015
Scott from Scott Free performing for the crowd at Loreto Fest
A view from a hike on Isla Coronados near Loreto
Derrick takes his hiking seriously, very seriously.
Photo taken from our boat in Puerto Escondido when
 Tropical Storm Blanca was passing through on  June 8, 2015.
We saw a peak gust of 50 knots - not so bad.
Beautiful view of the Sierra de la Giganta
from our boat the morning after Blanca passed through.
The photo does not do this Cardon cactus justice,
it's the largest we've seen in our travels. 
All in a day's work.

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