Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bighorn Sheep on Isla Carmen

On our way north we spent much more time in the Loreto area this year and had a chance to enjoy several of the anchorages on Isla Carmen.  One of the fabled attractions on the island is the bighorn sheep.  The sheep were relocated here from the Baja years ago and have done so well that the government sells a limited number of permits for hunting.  Until this year we had only seen the sheep in pictures.

On one of our morning explorations we were hiking to the back of an arroyo (canyon) when we stumbled across one of the sheep’s watering holes.  Judging by the presence of the sheep and many bees, the water must be brackish.  It was suggested that Trisha have a taste to find out, but she was unwilling.

Anyway, as we approached the watering hole we could hear loud movements in the brush.  Next thing you know, we saw several bighorn sheep scrambling up the near vertical wall of the canyon.  It was quite a sight.  We came back for a repeat performance a couple of days later and brought the camera.

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