Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer in the Sea (Picture Time)

We finally have a somewhat decent internet connection so we will be posting pictures from our summer in the northern Sea of Cortez.  

Interabang underway
 (photo courtesy of Eagle)
Baja Rummy game on Interabang
Kyra and Rick from Nyon, Jeanne from Eagle and
John from Timepiece
Trisha and Kyra kayaking in La Mona in Bahia de los Angeles
One of the many storms we experienced this summer
Boats at anchor in La Mona
Beer break during a beach bocce ball game
Clams from Puerto Don Juan
Trisha with Zeda from Eyoni in Don Juan.
Sailboat Eyoni on the left careened for propeller work
Isla Alcatraz in the background
Puerto Refugio on Isla Angel de la Guardia
Aptly named Fang Rock in Puerto Refugio
Derrick goes to extremes to find treasures for Trisha
Big lizard in Refugio

Gulf grouper upper left, spear gun lower right
Lighthouse near BLA village
Typical spear fishing catch


  1. Loved the photos - you two look marvelous and very lean! Glad you survived and enjoyed the summer in the Sea

  2. Oooh, love all the photos - the mainland seems far away from Baja - hauling out soon and we'll catch up with you after that! xo

  3. Fabulous photos!!! Missing you guys already- have fun at your next bonfire!