Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bahia Agua Verde and Los Candeleros

On June 1 we made the short seven mile hop from Punta San Telmo to the large anchorage at Bahia Agua Verde.  With south winds forecasted for the next several days, we headed for the south lobe of the bay and joined several other boats already taking shelter there.  While looking for a good spot to drop the hook, we were hailed by Rick on Hotel California.  Rick and Pam are old friends from Gate 11 back in Alameda.  Once we got settled, Rick stopped by to say hello and invite us to a party on Just a Minute, a big catamaran anchored nearby.  We had a great time at the party and felt very fortunate to meet the group of veteran cruisers: Eagle, Eyoni, Hotel California, Just a Minute, Kasasa, and Third Day.  What’s even better was that four of the six boats will be spending the summer in the Sea of Cortez this year.  We owe Rick a big thank you for getting us connected to this great group of new friends.
View from above Bahia Aqua Verde
The next day Ethan from Eyoni asked if we would like to meet the group at the north end of the bay for a hike to the see the cave paintings.  It was a long and challenging hike, especially when considering the previous night’s partying, but the caves were a big reward.  After about three miles of hiking we came to a cliff where we could see the caves above.  We hiked up a steep and narrow trail to the entrance.  The paintings were at the entrance and were essentially red hand prints of different sizes in various orientations.  It is just amazing that they have endured through hundreds or even thousands of years.  As we explored the inside, we disturbed a large group of bats that began flying all around.  Back at the entrance while enjoying the view of the coastline, one couldn’t help but try and imagine what life was like for the people who left those hand prints on the wall.  

The group heading out on the hike
A cemetery we came across along the way
Rick and Pam from Hotel California
The cave paintings we came to see - very cool!
The group outside the cave, you can see we are on a steep hill
Our next stop was Los Candeleros where we anchored in front of a huge resort.  This anchorage was previously seldom visited, but now that the resort broadcasts free Wifi it has become all the rage.  Life here is pretty cushy.  The tienda (grocery) is a well stocked and many of the cruisers meet for the daily happy hour at the resort pool.  Hot afternoons are much more bearable at the pool.
Enjoying the pool


  1. They are all a great group - please say HI to all from us. Glad you are enjoying the Sea!