Friday, May 11, 2012

Three boats for Isla San Francisco (picture time)

Returning to Isla San Francisco with friends was great fun.  Trisha and I were like little children sharing their playground.  The six of us hiked the ridge trails, searched for shells and agates, and revisited the Osprey nest.  While hiking on the salt flat, we returned to the salt beds we had discovered on our first trip.  This time we were prepared, and went to work harvesting sea salt.    
Hiking the ridge trail

Harvesting sea salt
On the second day, we took the three dinghies around the point to explore a couple of the nearby beaches that were not accessible by land due to the steep cliffs.  As we rounded the point we were focused on the water, keeping a sharp eye out to avoid the many rocks that came near the surface.  Dinghies and propellers don’t like rocks.  On one of the beaches there was an uninhabited fishing camp.  It seemed the fishermen were out fishing.  There were caves on both ends of the beach, all showed signs of having provided shelter for the fishermen with discarded food containers and signs of campfires.  On a wall near one of the caves there was a shrine of sorts with a cross painted on the rock.  

Dangerous manuever
This guy is having too much fun
Trisha had read about a cruising couple that had taken on a hermit crab as a pet.  Somewhere along the way, she made it known to the group that she was interested to doing the same.  As luck would have it, Michael of Pura Vida found a hermit crab on the beach near the fishing camp and gave it to Trisha.  Trisha and the crab made fast friends.  As we all pondered what sorts of things we might feed the crab, it suddenly pinched Trisha’s finger.  Her romanticizing about keeping the pet was just as suddenly over.  The crab splashed in the water.
My new friend!
He pinched me!
One of the highlights of our stay was the dinghy raft up.  We went through the anchorage boat-by-boat inviting one and all to join.  At five o’clock, Michael and Judy of Pura Vida dropped an anchor from their dinghy and about seven other dinghies tied on.  Everyone brought their own drink and appetizers to share.  Each participant took their turn introducing themselves while the food was passed around.  A good time was had by all.    
On April 9, we said a sad farewell to Pura Vida as they resumed their voyage northward and then home to Portland for the summer.  We then joined Seychelles on a two day trip south to La Paz.
Farewell party for Pura Vida
Sailing away with Seychelles

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