Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting ready in La Paz

On April 10, we arrived in our slip in Marina Palmira and began a busy month of travel, boat projects and preparations for our upcoming summer in the Sea of Cortez.

 A big thank you goes to Rob and Debbie for picking us up at that airport and for accumulating our “booty.”  In the months before our trip home we mail ordered all kinds of stuff and had the packages shipped to Rob and Debbie’s house in Oakland.  There were twelve packages waiting for us.  We had to buy another suitcase to get it all back to Mexico. 

While visiting Derrick's parents, Derrick was being watched
closely as he barbecued the tri-tip
Derrick returned to La Paz (and the boat) and Trisha continued on to Buffalo to visit family and friends.  Her visit was timed to be there for Sarah’s First Communion. 

Carol (sister), Trisha, Lysa (friend since 12 yrs old) and Catherine (niece)
During our time in La Paz a statue of Jacques Cousteau was dedicated on the malecon.  Cousteau spent a great deal of time exploring the Sea of Cortez and described it as the “aquarium of the world”.  We thought the statue was really, really great.  It made us smile and think of the explorer we watched on TV so many years ago.

And finally, no visit to La Paz is complete without a visit to La Fuente for a popsicle.

You spot it by the polka dotted tree in front
Coconut cream is my very favorite

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