Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swinging in Avalon

As our week in Avalon comes to an end, we have to say that this has been our best stop so far.  Once we got past the boats being packed in like sardines, there was much to enjoy.  The harbor is well protected so there is minimal boat rocking.  The town is small and walking is the best way to get around.  The hiking is great in the surrounding hills.  There is a large grocery store for provisioning.  Off the beaten path, we found a restaurant that serves $1 tacos during Happy Hour.  The cruise ship people leave after a relatively brief visit.

Today we’re hunkered down waiting for an early season storm to pass.  Weather reports are closely monitored, particularly the size of the seas.  We need to decide whether to make the crossing to the mainland on Thursday or stay an extra day and let things calm down.  Trisha will make the call.

We took a fair number of pictures and some of the better ones are posted here.  Despite accusations to the contrary, the swinging shot was not alcohol induced.

View from Wrigley Memorial
Flying the battle flag on Saturday
Swinging in Avalon
How much farther to the top?!
View of Avalon from the Divide Road summit
Can we go back to the boat now?

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  1. Watch out for the Buffalos, they can run 30 miles an hour! You both look SOOO Happy, more happiness to follow.