Friday, September 2, 2011

Delayed start

We told everyone that September 1st would be our departure date.  We worked wildly on the remaining items on our list but didn’t quite get them done, so we committed to leaving Friday, September 2.  Sailing superstition advises against leaving on a Friday, so we are mildly concerned about this decision.

We also wanted to recognize some of the people that have helped make our adventure possible.

Carol (Trisha's sister): thank you for designing our blog banner and boatcards
Rob and Debbie: thank you for letting us park the car at your house
Megan and Dave: thank you for the case of beer (enjoying a Trumer at this writing)
Frank and Carol: thank you for the walkie-talkies
Jen and Emily: thank you for forwarding our mail and taking care of our house 
Derrick’s Mom: thanks for not freaking out
Shawn who bought my truck: thanks for making the purchase in the dark

Rob and Debbie took us out for a farewell dinner


  1. So great to see you at Half Moon Bay! Glad you made it safely to Monterey. We still have half a HMB Brewery growler - how's yours holding up?!

  2. I finally am checking out the blog. I can't believe you are on your way. thanks for sending out the email and letting the people you never see you but love you know you are on your way. Have a great adventure and I will be reading.- Brondello's

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you get to re-supply your beer stock soon!